How Therapy Works

People seek psychological help for many reasons.

Some problems are transient and respond quickly to various forms of intervention, while others stubbornly persist. These more entrenched difficulties are often contemporary versions of long-ago conflicts, reverberations of the past in present-day life.

Therapy is, above all else, a relationship. That relationship gives us a safe and therapeutic place to say and share anything so we can consider options. For that reason, it is important that you find a therapist that you feel comfortable with.

Therapy works in many ways. Sometimes it is recognizing and changing the destructive thoughts we have, such as, “I’ll always be a failure” or “No one will ever love me”. Sometimes therapy helps us understand and rewrite the histories we have mentally written about ourselves. Therapy helps us find options we never knew we had. Therapy helps us recognize the coping patterns we have created that continue on as habit but no longer work in present situations. Therapy helps us unearth the hidden wishes, fears and patterns that unconsciously influence our lives.

Therapy gives us healthy internal voices to replace the negative and nagging voices we may have carried with us since childhood. Therapy helps us discover ourselves and find our own answers.

Recent studies in neuroscience show that therapy actually helps to create new pathways in our brains reflecting the healthy changes that are made.

Treatment and Philosophy