Thinking Of Therapy

Are You Thinking About Seeing a Therapist?

You might be thinking about seeing a therapist because you have a sense that something is wrong or something hurts. Sometimes you may know the cause and sometimes all you know is that you have not felt happy or satisfied for a long time. Perhaps you are experiencing confusion or pain about a significant relationship, or are having intense emotional reactions, anxiety, moodiness or depression. Perhaps you have a familiar mental illness such as Bipolar Disorder or ADHD and want help and support beyond medications. Perhaps you are going through a significant life transition, such as divorce, move to a new area, or the loss of a loved one. You may be forming a new relationship with your parents as an adult, or with your adult children as a parent. You may find yourself coming up against the “same old problems” again at work, with coworkers or friends and family. You may be trying to manage the emotional wreckage of trauma or feel like you are just trying to stay alive. Perhaps you simply want a safe place to talk things through in a non-judgmental atmosphere. I can help in all these areas.

How Therapy Works