Treatment Philosophy

I believe we have a healthy core that wants us to be able to play, work and love.

It is this healthy core that lets us know something is wrong, that we are not happy or that there must be more to life.

Our healthy core is full of hope. I believe that therapeutic change occurs through a supportive, trusting relationship in which the clients’ strengths are drawn out and highlighted. Within this relationship, I work to empower clients to develop awareness of themselves, their ways of relating, and their unique coping skills in the face of stress and change.

My training is primarily psychodynamic. Increasing awareness of thoughts and feelings that occur within and outside our conscious awareness is the focus of psychodynamic therapy. However, I also draw heavily on cognitive behavioral, developmental and problem solving approaches.

I help people learn to listen to and understand themselves in the way that I try to listen to and understand them. My focus is on the relationship people have with themselves, as well as the relationships they have with others. I find that discovering and sharing humor in therapy is an important element of growth.

My goal is to help you find the life you want and to support you in the transition.

Clinical Supervision and Consultation